Do you really get a lot done, or do you just look busy?

Are you a Busy Bee?

Being a mumpreneur means you may be working at home around your children. 

There's no pressure from colleagues or bosses to get things done and no weekly performance reports to keep you on your toes.

This means that you have to motivate yourself to get your daily tasks done.  But do you ever find that you’ve been working all day and don’t seem to have made even the tiniest of dents in your to-do list?

We can fill our whole work day with busyness but that doesn’t necessarily mean we’ve been productive. 

I could push paper around all day with the best of them until I discovered some very simple ways of keeping myself focused.  The results are amazing and people keep asking me how I get so much accomplished.

Here are my 7 steps to getting things done:

1.    Think about what you want to accomplish

2.    Set a reward for yourself (this could be a snack, a coffee break, a wander round the garden) this will keep you motivated and inspired.

3.    Shut out any distractions – switch on the answer machine, facebook and twitter

4.    Start small with short periods of time (like 30-45 mins)

5.    Focus on only that activity

6.    Keep going until you achieve it

7.    Celebrate with your reward -  then you can set your next priority.

Try them out today and see how much more you actually achieve, it's quite astonishing.

They're not hard or difficult (I like that) and if you'd like more free tips on getting things done then why not listen in to my productivity coach Helen's free training call this week.  She keeps me laser focused.  Click here for the details.