Ever Feel Like You’re Not a ‘Good Enough’ Mum?

I work with some amazing women who do the hardest and most important job on the planet, but don’t recognise their own worth!

Yes – I’m talking about you!

I’m passionate about supporting other mums to feel good about themselves and when I meet someone else with the same goal I do the ‘Happy Dance’.

I’ve met one such wonderful woman and I want you to meet her too. I’m delighted to introduce you to Amanda Alexander – a life coach on a mission to help mums stop beating themselves up and be kinder to themselves, she says:

“I want you to feel like a good enough mum and have the time to breathe and have fun”

From her site she offers a wonderful e-book called “From Chaos to Calm” and gives 5 practical, hands on ideas to make your life simpler as a working mum. Doesn’t that sound fab?

I invite you to grab yourself a copy and get on Amanda’s email list. That way you will be sure to get her inspiring regular newsletter too. It often says just what you need to hear when you need to hear it most.

And it’s not just me who thinks she’s fab. One of her coaching clients has just nominated her for an Inspiring Woman National Award … here’s what she said:

“I’ve had the absolute pleasure of having Amanda as my coach and mentor for a number of years …. She’s inspired, supported, encouraged and kicked the arse of an enormous number of us working mums!”

I just LOVE that quote!

Amanda and I are joining forces to bring you something really special later in the month.

But for now – enjoy her e-book and if you feel inspired, please show your support, gratitude and love by adding your vote.

Here’s the LINK TO THE E-BOOK ~ what a lovely gift

Here’s the LINK TO THE INSPIRING WOMAN AWARD ~ what a lovely way to say thanks!