Install an Amazon aStore into a WordPress Page

A lot of you have been admiring my gorgeous Bookshop and asking me how I built it.  So, I've asked my technical dept (hubby) too put together a quick lesson for you.  So, I'll hand you over to Peter . . .

Hi, Peter here . . . Here's a video tutorial that's great for teaching you how to create an Amazon aStore but might get a bit too techie for some folk when it comes to putting the aStore on your blog.

Watch the first 3 minutes of the video if you need to know how to create your aStore and then simply follow the instructions I've included lower in this post to easily get your Amazon shop working on your WordPress site.

Creating an Amazon aStore is not too difficult as you can see from the video above, the challenge is how to get it to work on your WordPress blog without messing with php or in case you don't have an aStore Page Template.

Here's a little tutorial to show you how we did it.

Within your Amazon Associates pages and once you've created and designed your aStore, click the 'Finish & get link' button. This will take you to a page that has this information: (click the image to enlarge it)









As the big red arrow indicates, check the button to 'Embed my store using an inline frame'

The code generated in the box is what you need to copy and paste into your WordPress page.

Now create a new page within your WordPress blog.  there are a few things you need to notice. Firstly, this all needs to be done using the HTML editing panel and NOT the Visual one. See the red arrow #1 in the image below. It won't work if you're in the Visual one.

(Click the image to enlarge)

We need to make a slight change to the code too. Alter the 90% to 100% as shown by Arrow #2

Finally, as Arrow #3 is indicating, we altered the page template for our Book Shop page to remove the sidebars - the aStore just didn't fit when we included them.

And that's it. Just click the Publish button.

A word of warning! Do NOT click the Visual tab to see how it looks, for some bizarre reason WordPress will delete the Amazon aStore code. It may be worth saving the code in a notepad file so you can easily paste it back it should it ever disappear on you.

Yay! It's me again! So, there you go ~ get yourself a Bookshop just like mine and let me know so I can come and have a nosey.  I might just pinch some of your recommendations 😉