Mumpreneur Inspiration with Dee Murray

This week's mumpreneur inspiration comes from emotional alchemist, Dee Murray .

She's just like you and me and she's ready and willing to share with us her motivation, her challenges and how she takes time to nurture herself.

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Hi Dee, welcome to Mum's Got a Business ...

Tell me about your children:

I have one son. His Name is Archie. He is 7.5 and his hobbies include annoying his Mom, amazing his Mom and creating a mess wherever he goes. I love him dearly.

Where do you live?

Edinburgh, Scotland

PC or Mac?


Tell us about your business

My business is all about emotional alchemy. My mantra is mind and body are part of the same system, change one and the other will follow.

I help women, mothers and mumpreneurs overcome overwhelm, fear, self-doubt. Any situation, thought, feeling, emotion, behaviour or limiting belief that is impacting their life negatively. I’m all about empowering women to return to that sense of balanced self, where life is no longer running them; they are control and can find the joy in life again.

I’ve been a shiatsu practitioner (Japanese acupressure energy massage) for 15 years and in the past few years I’ve evolved my business to become The Emotional Alchemy Hub with EFT Success & Wellbeing coaching.

Right now, I’m putting together an online course with more to follow. It’s been a very satisfying experience!

What motivated you to become a mumpreneur?

I already part owned a brick and mortar business Edinburgh Shiatsu Clinic. I didn’t actually know I was an entrepreneur for a while!

The process of creating and birthing my son released something in me which asked me to dig deeper. To journey inside, find fulfilment in my work, and really discover what my ‘zone of genius’ is.

I felt the need to be a positive roll model and show him that women are to be valued as much as our men. It awakened the feminist in me and opened me to the idea of a true purpose in life. Helping women rise and really take their place in this world.

From that place I felt able to close one business and learn what I needed to know to build another. The process is ongoing!

What’s been your biggest challenge in business?

I’ve had many. The decision to close Edinburgh Shiatsu Clinic was incredibly challenging at the time, even knowing it was the right decision. I went from being visible in a safe group to being out there on my own.

Fear of being judged harshly and not feeling good enough can be debilitating and can lead to a whole lot of procrastination and ‘busy work’.

How have you overcome it?

I always do the inner work first, which for me looks like getting coached by some wonderful mentors I’ve found over the years and doing my own EFT tapping daily.

In order to be visible, I have found I have to challenge myself. I work from home, so no-one is just going to find me!

I set myself a challenge such as doing Facebook lives, which at first sounds utterly terrifying, and then I get my coaching, do the inner work and go for it. Shakes and all.

Once you break through the sound barrier you can soar! I have found that every time I challenge myself, it opens doors to new possibilities and stretches my comfort zone that bit more.

Of course, there will always be moments when you want to hide!

I think the single biggest ‘thing’ I use to overcome my own fears is a combination of the support of others and my own inner work.

What’s been your proudest business moment?

The thing that makes me most proud, lights up my heart would be more accurate to say, is that moment when I can see and feel the change in my client’s energy.

Something has shifted, an aha, an insight or a big release of long held, stuck emotion and energy. It’s simply the best feeling and I’m often on a high knowing I’ve helped someone this day.

What’s your catchphrase or favourite quote?

The fear of doing something is worse than the doing of it.

What do you do to relax or nurture yourself?

I’ve got a heap of non-negotiables! Some are daily, some are less rigid,so I don’tget overwhelmed with not doing all my relaxing!

Meditation is fast becoming my single biggest daily non-negotiable. I would love to get to it early in the day but being a Mom does require some flexibility 😊.

Others that I do as often as possible are yoga, walks in nature, hydrating throughout the day, at least one shiatsu a month, listening to interesting people talking about interesting stuff, reading and journaling. 

What was the last treat you bought for yourself?

I treat myself with books & massage. The last book I bought was Becoming Supernatural by Dr Joe Dispenza. It’s brilliant. Many people go through the “ordeal’ of Accutane treatment without supportive means. Nevertheless, special cleaning and care of the affected areas, for example with the Avene Cleanance skin care line, is an important measure to improve the skin's appearance during your entire time with Accutane. Believe me, I’m a cosmetologist.

The last massage I had was an amazing shiatsu from my friend Colette from The Healthy Life Centre here in Edinburgh.

Favourite colour

Greens of nature.

Favourite flowers

No favourite but I have one little peony rose in my garden this year after years of no flowers appearing. This makes me smile.

What one piece of advice would you like to give to a new mumpreneur?

Be very sure you really want this. Being an mumpreneur is wonderful in many ways but it’s also tough. You must love what you do so much that you feel sure you would choose it over and over again. Because you will want to quit at points.

Make sure you have support and be clear with yourself about your time at ‘work’ and your time at ‘home’, otherwise Mom guilt will become your worst best pal.

If you’re sure you do want it, you know you love it and you can almost taste the life you will create for you and your family, then get out there, online and in person, and be inspired by all the other amazing mumpreneurs rocking it!

It is possible. You can do it. And you bloody well are worth it!

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