Our Business Grows Quicker When We Get Some Support ~ Part One

I’m hoping that this post will act as inspiration to those of you thinking about either starting your first blog or getting a new blog in a different niche.

From having the initial idea, to actually launching this blog -  it took just 14 days!

And that was fitted around managing my other on-line businesses, running my therapy practice, lecturing at college, running a home and parenting my teenage daughter – I’m sure you can appreciate what an achievement that is.

It probably equates to about 2 hours a day for the two weeks.

Was it hard? Yes!
Was it worth it? Yes!
Will I do it again? Definitely!

Back in 2007 my first site: A Little Bit of Me Time took months of planning and research and days of writing and editing.  Then there was all the outsourcing of the design, graphics and opt in boxes etc.

My next two blogs: Heather Bestel.com and Magical Meditations 4 Kids didn’t take so long but still ran into months rather than weeks

So why did it take only 14 days and how can you do the same?

1. Because I set it as a challenge
2. Because I had a mentor
3. Because I was part of a supportive community

Here are the steps I followed …….

Step 1. I got some ideas
Step 2.  Researched a niche
Step 3.  Made a decision
Step 4.  Bought a domain
Step 5.  Put up a WordPress site
Step 6.  Wrote a welcome post, about page and a sticky post
Step 7.  Put up a few widgets and plug-ins
Step 8.  Wrote a short report to offer to my readers
Step 9.  Designed and put up an opt in box
Step 10. Wrote and uploaded an auto-responder series
Step 11. Contacted 10 potential interviewees to feature on the site
Step 12.  Set up a facebook fan page

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you what happened next ……..


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