What Does Having Your Own Business Mean to You?

To some - it's the icing on the cake.  It's their dream, the goal they've worked towards for all their working life.

For others it's the beginning of a journey to total independence.  There are many reasons we want to have our own business and connecting with that reason can keep us motivated to move forward.

My friend Lisa feels so proud every time she tells someone that she runs her own business.  You should have seen her face when her first batch of business cards arrived - it was magical.  All those feelings of achievement, pride and excitement wrapped up in a little card.  There's nothing like it.

For me - it was a way of making it on my own.  A way of proving that I could do it, that I had what it takes.  It was a way of breaking free of the 9-5 drudge.  It was a way of expressing my full potential and getting the recognition I deserved.

I remember when friends and colleagues found out that I was 'going it alone' back in 1994.  One or two wished me luck but the rest all thought I was mad to leave the security of a job to strike out on my own with nothing to fall back on.

They felt safe!  I felt trapped!

I guess it takes a certain type of person to set up in business, it's not for everyone.

What does it mean to you?