Are You Daunted by the Thought of Selling Yourself?

You’ve done all the hard work and your business is set up.  So, what’s next?

You’ve got the unenviable task of getting out there to spread the word.  This is where a lot of mumpreneurs fall at the first hurdle.  Unless you’re a natural public speaker, marketing guru or ace networker – the thought of selling yourself can be daunting and damaging to your confidence.  But to have a successful business you have to get out there in the marketplace.

That’s where I come in.  My expertise is in supporting you to:

1.  See how amazing you really are ~ we often don't see our full potential especially if our skill is something we personally find easy to do.  It's difficult to believe that someone else would pay us to do it for them

2. Stand out from the crowd ~ in the marketplace you may be among hundreds of competitors so why should your customers chose you?  Part of your message explains to potential customers why you are different.  And you need to find your difference.

3.  Boost your confidence ~ Selling yourself and your business is a skill that can be learned, but first we need to feel good about ourselves.  Having a positive mindset is a crucial first step to achieving this goal.

4.  Craft your business message ~ your customer needs to hear what you've got to say and it needs to be said in your authentic voice.  Having a well honed message is worth its weight in gold.

5.  Sell yourself without being too pushy ~ most of us feel uncomfortable doing the 'hard sell' thing and we'd rather not.  Help is at hand.  Once you learn how to help people to know, like and trust you, you will never have to sell yourself again.

6.  Get out there and SHINE! ~ This is the part I love best.  Watching you 'do your thing'.  Once you've mastered the other 5 points, there'll be no stopping you - WooHoo!!

Find out more about working with me and creating the business you desire and deserve on my Work With Me page.  I look forward to watching you shine!