Back to School

Summer's over and the kids are back at school and I've got you a wonderful freebie to help you give them the best start you possibly could.

50 Ways to give your child the Best School Year Start

TV star and author Sarah Newton has got together with 4 of the world’s leading experts: Lisa Warner, Lara Williams, Maggie Ayre and me to show you how to help your child reach their  potential this school year .

In 50 ways to give your kids the best back to school start you will learn:


  • How to discover your child’s learning style
  • How to get the homework done without all the fighting.
  • How to ease them back into school without too much trouble.
  • How to use food and exercise to improve their school results
  • And how to avoid all the stress and anxiety normally associated with this time of year.

5 leading experts, 50 Tips and all you need to make this school year go more smoothly. These tips are completely  FREE  so grab your copy now by clicking the link below

50 Ways to give your child the Best School Year Start

And, as always, let me know how you get on.


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