Be Careful Who You Share Your Dreams With!

So you've got your BIG IDEA! You've built your dream - now who are you going to tell?

When I first talked about becoming self-employed, well meaning people told me it was too risky and I shouldn't give up a well paid job to do something I knew nothing about.

When we told our friends that we had a plan to sell our house and move to the 'Middle of Nowhere' and pursue our dream of creating a simpler life - most of them laughed in our faces.

They thought we were crazy.  And that's OK.  That's totally understandable because it's not something they would ever consider.

When you chose to pursue your dream . . .  heck, just by having a dream . . . you are already in a tiny minority of people.  You need to know this because those around you may not 'get it' and therefore may not be able to give you the support you need to move forward.

And this can be devastating.  This can make the struggle even harder and you can feel alone, misunderstood and pressurised to give up.

But, do not despair!  All is not lost - there is a whole new community out there waiting to welcome you with open arms.  Ready to support your goals and understand your frustrations.

When you chose your dream - you chose the road less travelled.  But always remember that others have trod this path before you.

I encourage you to reach out and find your community, tribe, family and share your very wildest dreams with them and they will rejoice with you, they will hold your hand and guide you when you need it and they will celebrate all your successes.

I've chosen to surround myself with positive people and those who support my dreams and I spend very little time with people who pull my dreams to pieces and tell me I'm crazy.  I invite you to do the same.

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