Give Yourself a Little Bit of Me Time!

As busy mums we often put ourselves at the bottom of the pile. Everyone else’s needs seem to come first and we end up frazzled.

‘Me Time’ isn’t a luxury, it’s necessary for our sanity. Think about it. It’s essential, not just for us, but for our families. They are the ones who cop for it when we’re stressed out and over tired!

As you know, I’m passionate about supporting other busy women to relax and so I’ve got together with my lovely friend Amanda to bring you a whole hour just to chill out, learn some stress free tips and have some fun. It’s your chance to redress the balance.

We’ve given it the fun title of a ‘Virtual Pyjama Party’ and you can join in via your computer from anywhere in the world. Here are the details:

Date: Tuesday 26th June

Time: 8.30pm BST, 9.30pm CET, 3.30pm EST

Duration: One Hour

Where: From the comfort of your own bed or sofa

How: Via Webinar - It’s easy, it’s FREE and you won’t even pay for the phone call. In fact we will even cover your call costs by offering toll free numbers* for you to dial if you don’t have a computer.

Join Now:

*Some countries have feephone/toll free numbers including UK and US.

And the party is our treat because we believe that

“Happy Calm Mums = Happy Calm Families”

So here’s your chance to grab an hour of scheduled Me Time!

What to expect:

Our Virtual Pyjama Party is a bit of girly time to chat about how to relax, how to de-stress and how to get a bit of calm and balance back into our manic lives.

We invite you to get ready for bed, snuggle up on the sofa or in your bed, with a mug of cocoa or a cup of tea and join us for R-E-L-A-X-A-T-I-O-N and quality “me time” via your PC or your phone.

We’ll finish our Virtual Pyjama Partuy with a lovely guided meditation to help you float to bed for an early night (or to help you through the rest of your day if it’s not your night-time!)

How can it get any better than this?! Well, apart from us offering you free cocoa. Sorry – you’ll have to supply your own!

However, smiles, warmth and relaxation are GUARANTEED!

Your PJ Party Hostesses:

As working mums ourselves, we too are on a constant learning curve of juggling our careers, family and life and learning to stay calm, get enough sleep and keep a smile on our faces .

Amanda Alexander – Quoted by the Daily Mail as a “Top Life Coach” and very recently awarded”Coach/Mentor of the Year” in the Women Inspiring Women Awards. She’s been a Professional Coach to Working Mums around the World for just over 9 years.

Amanda’s ”thing” is to help working mums stop beating themselves up, start being kinder to themselves, find success on their own terms and enjoy the ride. Amanda is proud Mum to Max (10) and Freddie (5)

Heather Bestel – Heather Bestel is a psychotherapist,stress management consultant, business mentor and author who swapped the hectic life of travelling around the country speaking at health conferences for a simple life in the country where she’s passionately teaching other busy women how to create an oasis amidst the chaos of modern life. Heather is proud Mum to Zoe (14)

Why is the Virtual Pyjama Party FREE? Is there a catch?

NO! There’s no catch. You have to sign up to get your webinar place. You’ll be on our mailing list, but you can unsubscribe safely at any time. We won’t hound you, nag you, spam you or divulge your personal info to anyone.

By joining our Virtual Pyjama Party, you’ll be joining Amanda’s mailing list if you’re not on it already. This means you’ll get fabulous, free weekly tips to help you keep it all going as a working mum. As we’ve said before, no spam, you’re free to safely unsubscribe at any time and we respect your privacy. That means we will never share your email address with third parties.

What’s in it for you, Amanda and Heather?

We like having fun and getting a group of fabulous mums together, and this seems like a fun thing to do that will help us all to relax and take some precious “me time”, something we both feel strongly about.

Everybody wins when YOU take some ME time! We know that when we give generously and from the heart, our businesses also grow. We are quietly confident that you’ll love our Virtual Pyjama Party and if you love it, we hope you’ll spread the word about us and how we support mums.

Register your place at our Virtual PJ Party here

And give yourself a little bit of Me Time

p.s. we’ve also set up a facebook event page so you can come and connect with the other PJ Party guests - come and join us here 

Love & best wishes