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mumpreneur Beth Ballamy

This week we feature a mum who was inspired to set up a business out of her husband's passion for all things vintage.

Your Name:

Beth Ballamy

Tell us about your children:

Ellie and Laura, our gorgeous 15 year old twins. Hard work, but great fun!

Where do you live?

Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland, UK

PC or Mac:


Tell us about your business:

Kippford Classic Car Hire is a small business in south west Scotland. We hire out classic cars of the ‘50s and ‘60s for any occasion- day trips, celebrations, weddings, photo shoots, TV and film. The idea for the business came from my husband’s passion for classic cars. He was in the motor industry for 30 years, but had a complete change of direction a couple of years after moving here and he missed working with cars. I had the idea of getting a classic car he could look after, and hiring it out to cover the costs. We live a beautiful area of the country, right by the sea, ideal for driving about in an old car! The business grew from there. My husband runs the technical side and I do the marketing and admin. We’re hoping to get a VW camper in the near future to hire out for weekends and holidays.


What motivated you to become a mumpreneur?

I worked in the John Lewis buying offices for several years, but when I got married I decided to start my own celebration cake business, which went well for several years. Unfortunately, I couldn't cope with the two babies and making cakes, so had to stop the business. The girls kept me very busy for a long time, as did looking after my mother who has Alzheimer’s. The idea for starting the car hire business came at the right time for me. Now the girls are older and my mother has unfortunately had to go into a home, I have a bit more time.

What has been your biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge is working from home and continually “changing gear”. If you work in an office there aren't too many distractions. For example, the other day I was preparing the evening meal and dealing with a last minute booking, when I had a phone call about my mother and then I had to take a forgotten PE kit into school. My brain has trouble switching that quickly sometimes!

How have you overcome it?

Well I haven’t really! But I try to set aside at least a day a week purely for the business, otherwise it just doesn't get done.


What do you do to relax and nurture yourself?

I do an adult ballet class which I find a fun and very relaxing form of exercise. But, I do need to do some kind of exercise everyday to keep my head and energy in a good place.

What was the last treat you bought yourself?

A new winter coat.

Favourite colour?

Turquoise. It reminds me of the sea, which I love.

Favourite flower?

Too many to mention, I love them all.

What one piece of advice would you give a new mumpreneur?

Do as much research and get as much advice and information as you can. But in the end you have to just go for it. It helps if you’re good with computers and social media as well!

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