Monday Mumpreneur with Raewyn Sangari

I'm delighted to introduce Raewyn Sangari as our featured Monday Mumpreneur. She's just like you and me and she's ready and willing to share with us her motivation, her challenges and her proudest moments in business and also tell us how she takes time to nurture herself.

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Hi Raewyn, welcome to Mum's Got a Business ...

Tell me about your children:

Delainey, 1 year. She’s tall like her daddy and a firecracker like her mama.

Where do you live?

Anaheim, CA, US

PC or Mac?


Tell us about your business.

I’m a self-love coach who has just launched a coaching club with my two best friends, who are blog and biz coaches. In our club, members have exclusive access to content, weekly office hours with us, a goal-planning meeting and accountability. Shield Sisters Initiative is a sisterhood where we value collaboration over competition and support in all areas. What makes us unique, is that each month, our club has a different guest host who will also do office hours, a live Q&A and offer insight into their business. Our coaching club is a one-stop shop for guidance and success! Besides Shield Sisters Inititiative, my self-love coaching movement is called Be a Warrior Queen, where I am about to offer a few different coaching packages, including one geared toward new moms.

What motivated you to become a mumpreneur?

I have always wanted to make Be a Warrior Queen into an international movement, but I never could figure out exactly what I wanted. When my daughter was born in 2015, I knew I wanted to stay home with her, especially because I wanted to breastfeed and childcare is very expensive. As a stay at home mom who was the former breadwinner, it was a hit for our family, financially. After she was born, however, I suddenly found my purpose with my coaching and things have skyrocketed. I am driven, supported and, most of all, able to spend my days laughing with my little.

What’s been your biggest challenge in business?

Learning how to run a business! I am so not good with finances.

How have you overcome it?

I’ve been learning everywhere that I can, diligently keeping track and not being afraid to ask questions!

What’s been your proudest business moment?

The first week of August, we launched our Shield Sisters Initiative, which we did everything for in less than 30 days. It is amazing to see how it has been received!

Shield Sister Initiative

What’s your catchphrase or favourite quote?

We’re all hot messes here. - myself

What do you do to relax or nurture yourself?

Of course, even though I am a self-love coach, I stumble in my self-care routine like any other person. I try to treat myself to pedicures and massages, but when money is tight I stick to journaling and dancing to some Avril Lavigne!

What was the last treat you bought for yourself?

Does coffee count as a treat? I definitely treat myself to coffee almost daily!

Favourite colour:

Hot pink

Favourite flowers:


What one piece of advice would you like to give to a new mumpreneur?

Don’t feel overwhelmed, just take it one step at a time. There is SO much and it is SO easy to feel overwhelmed but you’ve got this. You have what it takes inside of you!

Be a Warrior Queen


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