Monday Mumpreneur with Jackie Elton

Every Monday we feature a mumpreneur who’s ready and willing to open up their lives and their business to us. 

They share with us their motivation, their challenges and their proudest moments in business and they also tell us how they take time to nurture themselves.  

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I'm so delighted to be bringing you this week's mumpreneur.  I've been watching her grow over the last year or so and I'm delighted to know her personally.  She's got such passion for everything she does, whether that's promoting her green business, being an amazing mum or her love of all things Salsa!!! You're going to like her ..... give her the applause she deserves.

Your name: Jackie Elton

Your website:

Brief description:

Green Aspirations supplies quality ethical and eco-friendly gifts at affordable prices including super soft bamboo socks, gorgeous jute shopping bags, fabulous fair-trade fairies, elephant poo notebooks, fair-trade jewellery and more. All the products have been researched and tested by me to make sure they meet my green credentials.

How many children do you have? 2 children: Andrew 8 Sophie 7

Where do you live? New York, Lincolnshire,UK

PC or Mac? PC

Tell us about your business

For as long as I can remember I have been passionate about sustainable living and in April 2009 I set up Green Aspirations initially as a party plan business showcasing ethical and eco-friendly products, then in June 2010 the Green Aspirations website went live. As part of the business I also give talks on my experiences of Green Living in Lincolnshire and in February 2011 I started my first blog about my green and natural living.

What motivated you to become a mumpreneur?

I wanted to work flexible hours that fit around my 2 children and I like the freedom to be completely in control of what I do, when and why.

What’s been your biggest challenge in business?

It is difficult to stay motivated when things aren’t going that well, be it business or family, as working from home can be quite lonely, especially as I am a single mum.

How have you overcome it?

I have built support networks online with other Business Mums, who are in the same situation and who I trust to chat about how their business and home life are, sharing successes and the tough times. I also have supportive friends, who are mums at the school gate that I share my successes with and moan to when things aren’t going so well. Recently I have found a brilliant mentor, who is helping me to focus on what I really want to achieve with my business and blog. Hi guys! How are you? I have a question about one of the online pharmacies, My friend says it's the best one on the web. He has never had any issues with them. He also says that they have some special bonus offers for regular clients. Do you know anything about it? Maybe some of you buy Viagra from them too? Just let me know the details, please!

What’s been your proudest business moment?

Getting my website up and running and getting the first sales from it.

What’s your catchphrase or favourite quote?

It is difficult to choose as I love sharing inspirational quotes and I have just set up a board on Pinterest with lots of my favourite ones on.

Treat people with kindness, as you never know what is really going on in their life and be generous with your smiles.

What do you do to relax or nurture yourself?

I love to dance salsa. When I dance salsa, I am me. I am not a mum or business women, I am just having fun. I also treat myself to a regular massage or Bowen Technique treatment.

What was the last treat you bought for yourself?

Some natural perfume samples

Favourite colour: Bright Pink

Favourite flowers:  Pot marigolds. I have some in my front garden and whenever I see them they make me smile.

What one piece of advice would you like to give to a new mumpreneur?

Don’t expect running a business to be easy, if you want easy work for someone.
Have a good support team, who will help keep you motivated and be there when you need a moan.  Stay positive and focused on why you are running your own business.

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