Monday Mumpreneur with Lynda Swindells

Every Monday we feature a mumpreneur who’s ready and willing to open up their lives and their business to us.

They share with us their motivation, their challenges and their proudest moments in business and they also tell us how they take time to nurture themselves.

If you’re looking for inspiration, then our featured business mums show you what’s possible. Our message is “If we can do it ~ then so can you!”  I love when we feature a business that is a little bit out of the ordinary - this week's certainly is and I really love when our business mums have really useful tips for us.  I totally agree with her advice for new mumpreneurs . . . 

Your name: Lynda Swindells ESMT IAAMT

Your website:

Brief description: Equine Sports Massage Therapist

Tell me about your children:  Naomi, 17, on a business apprenticeship with Dorset County Council and Kimi, 15, leaving school this year and looking to work with horses.

Where do you live? Dorchester, Dorset, UK

PC or Mac? PC

Tell us about your business: I am Equine Sports Massage Therapist. I specialise in treating muscular problems in horses as well as using massage to improve overall flexibility and performance.

What motivated you to become a mumpreneur? I wanted a career that fitted in around my family and meant I could stay working with horses.

What’s been your biggest challenge in business? Self-promotion! It is hard enough sometimes selling a product, but when the product is you, it is even harder!

How have you overcome it? It is still a work in progress, but I try and make myself step out of my comfort zone as I know it is the only way to go! I also take a lot of advice on board from people who have overcome similar problems.

What’s been your proudest business moment? Qualifying as an Equine Sports Massage Therapist with a glowing review from my tutor.

What’s your catchphrase or favourite quote? The horse knows...he knows if you know, and he also knows if you don't know.

What do you do to relax or nurture yourself?  Well, horses are my hobby too so I tend to spend my spare time with my own when I am not working on other peoples!

What was the last treat you bought for yourself? I bought myself a pair of Ariat Country Boots. Although they are also for work, but still a treat as I have wanted some for ages!

Favourite colour:  Purple

Favourite flowers: Roses

What one piece of advice would you like to give to a new mumpreneur? Don't be put off following your dreams by negativity from others.

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