MumBiz Podcast 1: How to Make More Sales with Social Media

Are you struggling to get sales through your social media activity. Putting the hours in on Facebook and twitter and just not seeing any results? If so, today's episode is for you because I'm interviewing Nicky Kriel, the author of the brand new book Converting Conversations to Customers: The Essential Guide to Social Media Success.


What she shares with you today will help you grow your business and will show you how to:

  • Use Social Media as part of your business strategy
  • Attract potential customers to you
  • Find the right customers using LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Listen for opportunities on Social Media
  • Engage online with potential and existing customers
  • Increase sales without cold-calling or being salesy
  • Measure your results so you can repeat them
  • And much more

Listen to the podcast below:

Nicky Kriel Podcast

Nicky Kriel is one of the UK's top Social Media influencers and a respected Social Media author, speaker and trainer. She is passionate about inspiring and empowering business owners to use Social Media to grow their businesses.

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Social Media for Newbies

Now it's your turn! Did you enjoy today's podcast? What did you learn that you can put into action immediately. Share below and please add any of your own tips for Social Media sales success. How have you used Social Media to grow your business?