Mums Got A Business teams up with innocent!

Have you been watching ‘Be Your Own Boss’ on Wednesdays 9pm BBC3?

I've been glued to it since the series started two weeks ago particularly because the presenter of the show is none other than Richard Reed, one of the founders of innocent.

He’s scouring the country looking for the best new entrepreneurs to help get them started with their own business ideas.

I love seeing the buzz and passion that always surrounds true entrepreneurs and I’m even more interested in finding out their story.

Behind every great entrepreneur there’s always a great story and innocent are no exception.  Richard's own  story of how he set up innocent is really interesting. Take a look at the innocent website to find out more, see some pictures and even print off a motivational sticker to put on your fridge.

They had an amazing idea that no one else thought would work, but they kept on going until they found that one person who believed in them enough to take a chance.  I just find that inspiring!

As a business mentor for the Prince’s Trust, I’ve seen this first hand. Week after week, young people with great ideas but no finance behind them would hit a dead end. It was such an honour to help them turn their passion into something worthwhile and that’s why I can understand what Richard is doing. It’s all about giving back and reaching out a hand to help up a fellow entrepreneur.

I just love it!!!

Some of you will already know this if you follow me on Twitter. I’ve been going a bit potty about the whole idea and will tell everyone I speak to why they must watch this show.

You see it’s not just about giving people money – it’s about investing in them and their ideas. It’s about motivating; inspiring; empowering them and helping them birth their dreams.

I think my enthusiasm spread further than I realised as I’ve now been invited by innocent to be part of their online celebrations next week. They’d heard about me (oops) and the best part was – they loved my story YAY!!!!

And you can imagine, I was very excited and I said ‘YES PLEASE!’ I most definitely want to be there AND I want you to all be there too …… so I’ve got you your very own invitation to the Twitter Party.

It’s a great opportunity for us all to share tips, advice and inspiration for growing our businesses and to pick Richard’s brains (oh, yes – he’s going to be there too!)

Get it in your diary, 7pm Thursday 27th September, and make sure you spread the word on Twitter and Facebook – just use the hashtag #innocentinspires to take part in the conversation on the night.