Our Business Grows Quicker When We Get Some Support ~ Part Two

Yesterday, I shared how it only took 14 days to get my blog up, from idea to launch.  Today I'm sharing what happened next.

Mums Got A Business.com was ready to launch on Monday 21st of March, but that wasn’t where the hard work finished.

Putting up a blog and sitting back to wait for the traffic to arrive is like opening a shop and waiting for the customers to come and find you – you will be very disappointed.

There was lots of networking to be done.  Spreading the word is an art in itself.  So I was now ready to go tell everyone who I social network with on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

I also visited forums in my new niche and commented on other blogs in related niches.

But the most important thing I did was to ask for support from the communities I belong to:  Connie Ragen Green’s 21 Day Productivity Challenge and Helen Rappy’s 30 Day Productivity Challenge.

When you’re a member of an online group you are like a little family and we all want to give support and help each other’s businesses grow.  I was absolutely delighted with the reaction from my online family – I just knew they were 100% behind me, cheering me on.

At the end of that first day I looked at my statistics and this is what they said:

I’d had over 100 visitors to the blog
46 people shared my link on facebook
7 people had retweeted me
9 comments were left on the blog

This resulted in:

20 people signing up for my short report
8 people agreeing to be interviewed and featured on the blog
3 people approached me to become JV partners in the future

And the absolute icing on the cake was finding that my blog had been featured in a video on YouTube by Donna from Social Media on Steroids as a good example of using the 2010 theme.

Update: Just over a week after launch date I have made my first 2 sales from my blog – WooHoo!

Stop Press:  I've just had Mums Got A Business.com featured on Family Friendly Working's Blog Carnival with the best mummy bloggers in Britain! And I've been approached to be in a book all about mumpreneurs ~ good going for my first week 🙂

I Hope this has inspired those of you not quite there yet.  My message is to just keep going – it’s SO worth all the effort.  I just know this blog is going to keep growing and becoming a great resource for mumpreneurs everywhere!