Testimonials – If you don’t ASK – you don’t get!

Isn't it lovely to have happy customers and clients?

Isn't it wonderful when they tell you that they are happy with a product or service you provided for them?

Isn't it even more rewarding when you overhear them telling someone else how wonderful you are?

Wouldn't it be nice if those wonderful words could be heard (or read) by all your new prospective customers?  Do you ask for testimonials? Can you see how doing so would have an amazing effect on promoting and marketing of your business?

Are you prepared to join in with my August challenge?  You'll never guess what we're going to be doing! Yes, asking for testimonials.

So, how do we do that?

Firstly, the easiest way is to keep your ears open and notice when you get some positive feedback and seize the opportunity to use that feedback.  Ask for permission to put those lovely words on your blog.  Better still, ask the person if they would be happy to write their feedback down.  That way you get it in their own words, which is so much more powerful.

Unsolicited testimonials are always the best but we can't rely on getting them. So .....

Secondly, and a bit harder, is to ASK for the feedback.  When someone has bought a product from you, follow up with an email to make sure they are satisfied.  And ask for a testimonial.  It's a great way to get to know the needs and desires of your clients. 

It's so lovely that others have taken the time to tell you how you're doing so make sure 2 things happen here:

1. Always thank them - it's not a given that people will want to give a testimonial.  If they've given their precious time to do this for us, then make sure they know how grateful you are.  They may even like a link back to their own blog as a way of thanking them.  If that's appropriate.

2.  Always be on the look out for how you can give positive feedback to others.  If they've done a good job, then tell them - and tell others.  If they've gone out of their way to make your experience extra special, then tell them - and tell their managers.

Good luck with the August Challenge and let me know how you're getting on.

So, I think you know what's coming next! LOL

I would love a testimonial from you ........

You might be someone I've worked with in the past; you might use my products; you may have heard me speak at a conference; you may be one of my students; you may have found something useful on my blog; we may have interacted online and you may feel that I've made a difference in your life.

If you would like to share your positive experience with others, then I would love for you to leave a comment below that I can use as a testimonial.  And to say thank you, I would love to send you an mp3 of your choice.