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Are you completely new to blogging and have no idea where to start?

Or, maybe you’ve been blogging for a while and just aren’t seeing the success that you hoped for? 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by trying to find the answers all by yourself, let me save you precious time by introducing you to Blog By Number, the signature course by Suzi Whitford.

Everything you need to know about starting a blog and making money in under 3 hours.

I just wish I had discovered this resource when I was starting out. It not only saves hundreds of hours of research, but lots of experimentation and frustration.

Suzi describes it as THE perfect course for moms who want to start a blog, find their perfect blog idea, get step by step help with the technical parts, learn how to get traffic and how to make money with their blog.

Having already taught over 39,000 students to start their blogs, Suzi promises that this is 'every busy mom’s guide to starting a blog' and assures you that you can start your blog fast and on a budget.


Most blogging courses cost hundreds of dollars, but because Suzi understands the struggle that mums face and has therefore made the Blog By Number course super affordable.

I couldn't believe how reasonably priced it was. I have paid five or ten times the amount Suzi charges for courses that have delivered less.

I was so impressed that I’ve bought her other products too. That says it all really!

I just wish something like this was around when I first came online back in 2007, it would have saved me so much time, energy (and tears).


Before becoming a mum, Suzi was an industrial engineer with a love of computers and gift for breaking down complicated procedures into easy to follow steps and making processes more efficient and effective.

Once her first daughter was born, she started blogging during nap time as an outlet for her productive energy and a way to connect with other mums online.

Suzi Whitford author of Blog by number course


I first discovered Suzi online a few years ago when one of her Income Reports caught my eye on Pinterest and have been following her amazing journey  as she went from $0 to $9,000 per month in less than a year!

She’s since hit $20,000 per month consistently and has ‘retired’ her husband, so they can both stay at home with their family and blog together.

How inspiring is that!


Suzi is very open, honest and approachable and is happy to share her experience and expertise with others on their blogging journey. I feel like she’s my blogging friend who is there for me whenever I need her.

I have signed up for her freebies, bought her products and joined her monthly challenges and I can honestly say it feels like one of the best supportive communities online.

Start a blog course


As mums, our time is limited and adding blogging to our endless to-do list can feel overwhelming. But, as a mum of 3 under 5 year olds herself, Suzi totally understands this and breaks everything down into achievable action steps.

Each task can be completed in short time slots (do it during naptime or after bed time or while the little ones are at a play date).


To create a successful blog that can turn into a business that gives you the financial and time freedom you want, it’s important to start with the foundations and get them right first, before you do anything else.

Blog by Number does just that, as you are hand held, step by step through the whole process.


Start a blog course
  • There are 30+ video tutorials
  • A Complete Workbook: with worksheets and fill in the blank templates for blog posts, images and headlines.
  • Ebook:  think of it as a ‘paint by number’ guide with step by step actions and no fluff

It’s an all-inclusive complete package, with everything you need to know including how to:

  • Build your blog and write your first post  {Suzi provides you with a fully functional and complete blog you can install in just 5 minutes}
  • Launch your blog successfully
  • Get visitors to your blog
  • Make money from day 1 ( Many mummy bloggers make $2K - $10K a month).
Blog by number course

PLUS, lots of BONUSES including:

  • 500 free stock images
  • 8,000+ blog post ideas (yes, you read that right!)
  • 50+ Facebook and Pinterest groups to join in order to kick start your blog's traffic
  • 83 ways to make money blogging from day one
  • and a whole load of other bonuses to make your blogging life easier.
Start a blog course
Beginners blogging course



As opposed to lots of other courses I’ve purchased over the years that tell you what to do, but not HOW to do it – Suzi is so skilled at explaining everything you need to know, in understandable instructions (for even non-techy peeps like me).

I love all the templates for absolutely everything (including copy and paste html for your first blog posts) all you have to do is fill in the blanks!

Suzi empowers you to achieve your blogging goals and gives you every opportunity to connect with her and get your questions answered.

Recently she has started doing weekly Facebook live sessions to do just that. She basically goes above and beyond for her students.

 I feel that her first passion is to help and serve her community. The money that she has made has been secondary.

Her courses are SO reasonably priced. I love a bargain and this course is worth every penny.


I've thought long and hard about this one, as I need to be honest about my experience with this course. But I just couldn’t come up with a downside to this course. Suzi has thought of everything.

The course is laid out in such an easy to understand and implement way with both written form and videos. She’s created shortcuts and bonuses that most people take months to work out on their own.

Start a blog course


This course makes blogging easy with its step by step process that will save you huge amounts of time, frustration and money and get your blog up and running and get you loads of traffic even in your first month!

If you wish starting or growing your blog was much easier and feel like you’re wasting hours trying to find out how to do it right, I think you just need the right resource. And this is it!


I hope this has helped you decide whether the Blog By Number course is right for you. Do let me know if you have any questions about it, I’m happy to help.  

Blogging can change your life, whether part time to fit around your family or as full time income. I hope you decide to take the plunge.


Has Suzi inspired you to set up or grow your own blog and income?

Let's chat in the comments. What type of blog are you going to start?

Or, if you already have a blog, let us know what it’s about and share a link – lets’ spread the love. And let's learn and grow together.

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