WAHM Tips: Clutter Free is Stress Free

Every week we bring you a tip to help ease the stress of working from home.  It may be a technique for getting things done, avoiding interruptions or just getting through the day with your sanity intact.  This week we're dealing with getting rid of the clutter.

When you did your Spring Cleaning - did the home office get overlooked?

As you look around you, be honest, is your office as tidy as it could be?

Do you misplace things on your desk? Have you lost important messages and phone numbers under the pile of papers?

Clutter doesn’t make for an organised mind and it also zaps our energy when we look at it.  A well organised and tidy office makes us more productive, efficient and calm.  Mess brings stress and should be sorted out as your first priority. My top tips for taking action to tackle that clutter today:

1.    Throw away things you don’t need
2.    Re-locate things that don’t belong in your home office
3.    Re-organise the rest
4.    Create some simple systems to organise your paperwork
5.    Take a break to sit back and admire the view

Stop putting it off and take some action.

Keep your workspace tidy, adopt a clear desk policy at the end of each day and it will feel like a pleasure to sit down at your desk every morning.

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