What is a Mumpreneur?

We call our mumpreneur logo lady Bliss ~ it sums up how calm she looks as she multi-tasks

I often get asked to explain exactly what a mumpreneur is.  Is she a woman in business?  Is she an entrepreneur who happens to be a mum?

I believe mumpreneurs are a whole breed apart.  We are born out of many needs, wishes, dreams, desires and yearnings:

  • The need to earn a living in order to support our family
  • The wish to find a flexible solution to our complex needs
  • The dream of being creative and express our talents
  • The desire to be recognised for our skills
  • The yearning to have our full potential realised

The answer to all these needs, dreams and wishes creates this wonderful role of being our own boss, owning and running our own business.  Sounds like heaven – but comes at a price because being a mumpreneur is not the easy option.

Being a mumpreneur is a 24/7 serious business.  Just like being a mum – we are never ‘off duty’.  When a child wakes in the night with a pain, we know because we’ve woken seconds before.  We are programmed to be ever watchful whether for a problem with our children or an issue in our business.

Being a mumpreneur is about wearing so many different hats and being able to change them at a moments notice.

Being a mumpreneur is a very delicate job of juggling and balancing many things and is about so much more …

It’s about:

  • Being brave
  • Being creative
  • Being focused
  • Being determined
  • Being passionate
  • Being persistent
  • Being the best we can be

It’s also about motivating yourself and nurturing yourself at the same time.

To do all this and be all this, we need to take care of ourselves and find time for total self care, so start today by taking just ten minutes to connect with your inner self and tell her she is loved, appreciated, recognised and you are so proud of what she’s achieved.

Then, every day, take a moment to remember how totally amazing you are!