Do you feel confused, stuck, or overwhelmed in your business?

Are you frustrated that things aren't happening quickly enough?

Do you have lots of ideas, but no clear direction or plan to make them reality?

No matter where you are in your business - I'm here to tell you that you don't have to do it by yourself.

I can help.

Together we can give you the focus, planning, goal setting and accountability you need.

We'll design a blueprint and plan of action together and then get you there step by step.

I'll hold your hand along the way and offer encouragement, support and inspiration.

If you're just starting with your ideas, I can help you to make them into a real business that can support you and give you the income and freedom you crave and fit it around the kids.

If you've already set up your business and are now overwhelmed with the idea of getting out there and spreading the word, I can help you find your audience, stand out from the crowd, boost your confidence, sell without being pushy and grow your business.

Why You Should Work With Me

I have built a successful business around being a mum and understand the challenges you face on a daily basis.

I have a holistic approach and draw on my background in psychotherapy, education and coaching.

I get results for my clients. We enter into an equal partnership and I'm totally committed to helping you achieve your dreams.

I will motivate, challenge and support you and I will hold you accountable.

I've run my own successful business since 1994 and been online since 2007.

I'm an award winning business mentor.

I've created, launched and marketed many online products and services including: ebooks,
courses, membership sites and coaching programmes.

I've learned the secrets of great networking and built quality business relationships (I was an award winning Chapter Director of Business Network International)

I've used social media to build relationships and spread my message (I landed a publishing deal through my use of facebook)

I do all my marketing on a shoestring and get free publicity (I have appeared in the national press, on regional radio and local TV - all at no cost)

I'm a sought after public speaker (I've travelled around the UK speaking at conferences and being interviewed for newspapers and magazines)

I get stuff done! (I'm often asked how I achieve so much each month) I'll share all my secrets and get you from procrastinating to productivity in no time.


I'm a qualified, experienced Business & Personal Coach & Educator, Author and Therapist. I've spent the past 20+ years supporting and coaching small business clients.

My qualifications include:

Post Graduate Diploma Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy
Certificate in Training & Development
Certificate in Further Education Teaching
Certificate in Small Business Coaching
Certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Certificate in Personal Development

What you can expect: I always start with the end in mind.  What do you want to achieve with your business?  What are your goals?  Once we know where we’re headed, we can move forward quickly. Because of my background as a psychotherapist, this isn’t just business coaching, we go DEEP and change can be very rapid.  My approach is laser focused on you and your goals and we get those goals very clear, very quickly.  From there we move on to planning and action, lots of action.  I also give homework!!  You’ll find out a lot about yourself as well as your business.

Who I work with: I specialise in working with other therapists, coaches, consultants, business owners who offer a service and bloggers.  My recent clients include: a virtual assistant, a cupcake maker, a photographer and an interior designer all setting up an online business.  At present my clients include: a life coach, a business consultant, a film maker, a healer and two mummy bloggers.

My ideal clients: are ready to take action and move themselves forward.  With my help they can get out of their own way, build their confidence, recognise their full potential and grow in leaps and bounds.


I don’t work with whiners and excuse makers.  This is your time and investment.
One of your most precious resources as a business owner is your time – I don’t want you to waste it.
Do not think about working with me unless you are passionate about taking action to move yourself and your business forward – you deserve better!

What My Clients Are Saying


“I worked with Heather when I was starting out, trying to find my way, understand my ideal clients and be visible on social media. She has a great blend of practical advice, spirituality, sense of fun, lightness and business skills that come out as and when you need it. Heather kept me accountable and was super supportive. If you're in need of action then look no further - she's your woman!”



“Heather Bestel is a REAL Coach, she creates a safe space for the client, she holds the client’s agenda firmly, she listens at a very deep level, she asks incisive questions, she creates a superb accountability framework and she moves the client forward… fast.  I have known Heather for many years and I have experienced her integrity, warmth and amazing insight. If you’re looking for an effective, highly skilled Coach, look no further. I highly recommend her.”



“Heather is a genius! She helped me turn my negativity around at a speed that astonished me and helped me see that I deserved better than the hard time I was giving myself. I now have strategies in place for dealing with the issues that I have, and I could not have done this without Heather’s support and understanding.”



"I can attest to the life affirming support Heather has given me at critical junctures in my business, simply by being there to facilitate my exploration. Heather's spirit and spirituality is truly present in her being, her gentle nature and ways of being serving as an inspiration to me to focus on exploring my own transformation."


Here's How We'll Work Together

  • In this coaching relationship, you and I will join forces to co-create a plan that gets you the results you desire fast.
  • We’ll meet via Skype for our sessions, which will be recorded, so you can listen again whenever you need a reminder.
  • You’ll answer some important questions about the results you desire, what you want to change and where you’re feeling stuck just now.
  • Then we’ll craft the perfect solution for you to get clarity and move forward BIG time.
  • We’ll dream and plot and plan and vision and you’ll feel alive and passionate about the future and the business and life you are creating.
  • We’ll blast through your belief blocks, self sabotage and monkey brain and together will create a new exciting blueprint for your business.
  • You’ll have total support via email between calls to share your wins and your big aha moments.

  • I’ll be your accountability and won’t hesitate to administer a loving kick up the behind, if that’s what you need.

Book Your Sessions Now

What's Included:

90 min 1:1 Coaching sessions
Session recording to keep forever
Weekly email access
Tons of ‘AHA’ moments

BONUS GIFT: Lifetime Membership to The Happiness Garden {my online sanctuary of inner peace} with instant access to all my personal development resources and a supportive community {value £500} because YOU are the most important asset in your business AND because when mums partake in Extreme Self Care their businesses benefit too.

There are three ways to work with me


Get super focus, accountability and goals set to move you forward fast! £150
(Early Bird Price: £75)

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Get unstuck, set your goals and give your business the boost it's been waiting for - £800
(Early Bird Price: £400)

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Create BIG results when you get ready to take your business to the NEXT LEVEL - £1200
(Early Bird Price: £600)

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Send me a quick email to get your questions answered or to book a complimentary 30-minute consultation to hear more about Business Coaching and to see if it’s right for you. Let’s get to know each other over Skype and talk about how we can create the life you truly deserve.

Email me: Heather [at] MumsGotABusiness.com


All coaching packages are tailor made and totally personal to you and your situation. The coaching partnership is an intimate relationship between us where we join forces, agree on goals and co-create your plan, but you have to take the consistent action to make it happen. Please only undertake coaching if you’re in a position to commit to taking action to move yourself forward.